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"I have been looking for one of these products for my daughter for years! It finally clicked to look it up on the internet! Many thanks!!"
Rose N, Grover Beach, CA.

"I love the product. My kids can now go camping without worrying about loosing it. Thank you so much.
Bill Y, New Brighton, MN

"Wonderful product. My daughter loves it. She loves her pink style holder and carries it with her everywhere she goes. Many thanks.
John N, St. Paul, MN

Where is your inhaler right now?

Can you locate it quickly in an emergency?

Right now where is it? In your car, toolbox, or just left lying around the house. Can't find your inhaler right now, chances are that dust or dirt is gathering in the mouth piece. There have been cases of insects and spiders crawling into mouthpieces!

The EZKEEPER can help you locate your inhaler, by having a clip-on and clipping the EZKEEPER onto your backpack, or belt loop, it will always be right where you clip it. In case of emergency and it will also be clean.

We have designed & now invented a superb way to carry your asthma inhaler.

It is known as the EZKEEPER, because it's constantly by your side. It is a protective and discrete carry pouch for asthma inhalers.

The EZKEEPER helps users in public places and gives easy access to in case of an emergency. If you can carry a phone or a pager on your belt, then why not the EZKEEPER, something that could be possibly save your life.

A staggering number of people die each year by not being able to locate their inhaler, or having easy access to it! Remember, just forgetting where your inhaler is could cause your death. The EZKEEPER will give any asthmatic a peace of mind when an attack happens.


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