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"I have been looking for one of these products for my daughter for years! It finally clicked to look it up on the internet! Many thanks!!"
Rose N, Grover Beach, CA.

"I love the product. My kids can now go camping without worrying about loosing it. Thank you so much.
Bill Y, New Brighton, MN

"Wonderful product. My daughter loves it. She loves her pink style holder and carries it with her everywhere she goes. Many thanks.
John N, St. Paul, MN

Asthma is a disease that affects the lungs and the airways that delivers air to the lungs. It causes periodic attacks of wheezing and difficult breating an asthma attack occurs when the airway becomes inflamed in respose to a trigger such as dust, mold, pets, excercise or cold weather. However asthma is a disease that can be controlled through modern technological advances in medicine.

We have developed the EZ Keeper inhaler holder to help keep your inhaler close to you so when an asthma attack occurs, you can quickly use it to save your life.

We developed a patented design that enables your inhaler to latch snuggly and securely onto a belt or purse. Gone are the days where you search endlessly in your purse or forgetting to carry your inhaler during an attack or cleaning the dust, mold and dirt from your inhaler.

We have received countless letters and emails telling us how our customer or their love ones was save because their inhaler was easy to access because of the way our inhaler holder was designed. It enables their loves ones to enjoy life without the worry of forgetting their inhaler. Many customers writes, "Not only is the inhaler holder holds your inhaler securely, it does it with style." Each designed style is unique and helps gives you or your love ones a level of confidence that matches your personality and style.

Choose from our wide variety of styles. If you don't find one that you like, call us or email us what design you prefer and we can help give you that unique style that matches your personality.


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